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Gould HUNTing Dogs

Von Gould

DOGS for the FIELD and the FAMILY


Dogs for Hunters

Gould Hunting Dogs are for people that have a passion for hunting and want an incredible dog to help them pursue their game of choice, whether in the woods, field, or water. ​Our breed of choice is the Kleine Munsterlander. With an unmatched combination of drive, energy, nose, and smarts, the Kleine Munsterlander is a hunting machine that will help bring more joy and success to your hunts.

Dogs for Families

Gould Hunting Dogs are for people that love the high energy in the field but want a dog that is calm and gentle while at home.

What to love about Kleine Munsterlanders

  • Incredible energy and drive in the field

  • Calm and gentle temperament in the home

  • Amazing natural ability and versatility 

Meet JEtta

"Jetta" Carina von Julson 

 Jetta's Statistics:
VDH/KlM: 17-0478
Whelp Date: 4/19/2017
Color: Braun-weiss
JGHV Tests:
VJP 71
HZP 183 Suchensieger
Sight Laut
Form/Coat Rating: SG/V (Very Good/Excellent)
Height: 53 cm
Hips: HD-A HQ 0.96
Ureter untersucht

Next Litter Anticipated

Late Winter/Early Spring 2021

Jetta on Instagram

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Jetta on Youtube




KlM-GNA is the premiere Kleine Munsterlander breed club in North America.


Kleine Munsterlander puppies can be difficult to come by due to the high demand. If we cannot place you with a puppy, we will do our best to connect you with a reputable breeder that may be able to help get you the pup you are after.

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